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MISOL weather station connect to WiFi, data uploading to web (wunderground)
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-Configure WiFi via BLE

-New low energy Wi-Fi system can operate with normal AA batteries for 4 months

-Live Data on APP: Makes all sensor data available to WS View app on your local network

-WiFi capable: enable your station to publish its data wirelessly to web(Weather

Underground/Weather Cloud/WOW) and view the current weather condition directly via WS View app.

-Global time synchronization while base station connected with the internet

-Supports up to 8 outdoor temperature & humidity sensors (optional)


· Calendar

· Indoor/Outdoor temperature and humidity

· Wind speed, gust speed, and wind direction

· Absolute and Relative barometric pressure

· Rainfall rate and totals for one hour, one day, one week, one year

· Wind chill, dew point and heat index display

· Selectable display units for each sensor: C or F (temperature); mph, kph (wind speed); inHg, hPa or mmHg (pressure); in or mm (rainfall).

· Weather forecast based on barometer reading

· High/low alarm for indoor& outdoor temperature and humidity

Set includes:

1) Display Console
2) Outdoor Integrated sensor(Thermo-hygrometer / Rain Gauge / Wind Speed / Wind direction /Transmitter)
3) USB to 2.5*0.7mm DC 5V power plug connector cable 




Outdoor data

Transmission distance in open field

:  100 meter



Temperature range

:  -40˚C--60˚C (-40˚F to +140˚F)


:  + / - 1 °C


:  0.1˚C

Measuring range rel. humidity

:  10%~99%


:  +/- 5%

Rain volume display

:  0 – 9999mm

(show --- if out of range)


:  +/- 10%


:  0.1mm (if rain volume < 1000mm)

1mm (if rain volume > 1000mm)

Wind speed

:   0-50m/s(0~100mph)

(show ---
if outside range)


:   +/- 1m/s (wind speed< 5m/s)

(wind speed > 5m/s)

Measuring interval thermo-hygro sensor

:  16 s


Indoor data

Indoor temperature range

:  0˚C--50˚C (32˚F to 122˚F)

(show --- if out of range)


:  0.1˚C

Measuring range rel. Humidity

:  10%~99%


:  1%

Measuring range air pressure

:  700-1100hPa


:   +/-3hpa


:   0.1hPa (0.01inHg)

Alarm duration

:   120 sec

Measuring interval indoor data

:   60s


Power consumption

-Base station : 5V DC (USB to 2.5*0.7mm DC 5V power plug connector cable included)           

-Base station :  2 x AA batteries (not included)

-Outdoor sensor:  2x AA batteries (not included)



It supports the below sensors: (optional)

- WH51 soil moisture sensor (MAX. 8 )

- WH41 PM2.5 air quality sensor (1 unit)

- WH31 multi channel temperature and humidity sensor (MAX. 8 )

- WH57 Lightning sensor(1 unit)

- Water leak sensor (MAX. 8)

Remark: 8 units of WH31 multi channel temperature and humidity sensor recycle display on the console. But Other extra sensors data can not displayed on the console (pass through only) and sensor management and calibration can only be realized via WS VIEW app.

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